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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Virginia voters reject Trump agenda

Sen. Tim Kaine speaks to supporters after easily winning re-election. 
Voters in Virginia solidly rejected the Trump agenda by re-electing key Democrats to Congress, including Sen. Tim Kaine, Reps. Gerry Connolly and Don Beyer, and in a closely watched Northern Virginia race that got national attention, replacing Republican Rep. Barbara Comstock with Democratic challenger Jennifer Wexton.

Kaine got 56.7 percent of the vote statewide, beating Republican Corey Stewart, a strong Trump supporter. In Fairfax County, Kaine got 70.9 percent of the vote. 

From the left, Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, Gov. Ralph Northam, and Attorney General Mark Herring speak at an election night rally.
“You rejected in a very clear way the politics of division and hatred,” Kaine told a crowd of campaign volunteers and supporters at an election night rally in Falls Church. Virginians want healthcare, education, jobs, immigration reform, he said, while “the other side was demonizing immigrants.”

“We want to make Virginia more welcoming, more inclusive,” Kaine said, noting, “It’s the president’s job to bring us together, not divide us.” He called it fitting that Nov. 6 was the eve of the Hindu holiday of Diwali, which celebrates the triumph of good over evil.

Turnout in Fairfax County was 47 percent of registered voters, which is high for a mid-term election. 

In the 8th congressional district, which includes part of the Annandale/Mason area, Beyer got 75.3 percent of the vote versus 23.9 percent for Republican challenger Thomas Oh.  

Connolly got 71 percent of the vote, beating Republican Jeff Dove in the 11th district, which also in the Annandale/Mason area.

“Tonight, the American electorate is recalibrating for American democracy,” Connolly told the crowd at the election night event. “Americans want to see checks and balances as the Constitution calls for.”

Connolly blasted the Republicans for refusing to stand up to Trump, saying, “He needs adult supervision, and that’s us.”

The results in Virginia are a clear rejection of Trump and his strategy of divisiveness, said Sen. Mark Warner, who also spoke at the rally. “We in Virginia did our job. No one in America, including Donald J. Trump is above the law.”

Fairfax County voters approved by a 69.6 percent margin a $182 million public safety bond that provides funds for police station, firehouse, and courthouse renovation and replacement projects.

Both constitutional amendments on the Virginia ballot won by wide margins. Question 1, which allows counties to provide tax exemptions for properties subject to flooding, got 70.6 percent of the vote. Question 2, which expands tax exemptions for spouses of a disabled veterans, was approved with an 84.3 percent margin.


  1. Yet the "Blue Wave" the left was hoping for did not happen. Trump did much better than Obama did after his first two years in the midterms. Sorry Dems.

    1. Dems flipped 35-40 house seats, 7 governorships and 300 state legislative seats. Won majority state AG's. Plus winning at about 24 of 35 senate seats but you keep trying to shine that T.

  2. I think it is a bit obtuse to opine that Kaine's victory means Virginia voters rejected Trump's agenda. If Virginia had had elected Stewart, would your headline read that Virginia embraced Trump's agenda? This is about Kaine and Stewart, not Trump.

    1. Stewart may as well have been Ventriloquist puppet with Trumps hand up his "shirt".

  3. This is not a rejection from Virginia but a rejection from NOVA. Very very misleading information. Stewart did quite well think about that. It is all about crazy Kaine that has yet to do anything for all of Virginia.

    1. So what you are saying is that if only go by counting SOME of the votes than Stewart didnt do bad? So who decides, not so arbitrarily, which votes are the ones that matter? This must what Michelle Bachmann meant by "real Americans".

      As it we decide

  4. I actually come here to get away from the political reports, op-eds, and analyses that are plastered all over other sites....

  5. Virginia reelected Kaine (within 7 minutes of the polls closing) and picked up three more House seats that were in Republican control. Republicans are at risk of losing general assembly which says a lot about the direction of the state. It didn't matter what the results were this cycle because Trump will always tout victory regardless of what happens. The "Blue Wave" was never a Senate expectation, but a hope or wishful thinking as many more Democratic seats were up for reelection then Republican seats. You can debate what was supposed to happen, what did not, your spin, but the bottom line is that Democrats made more gains than the Republicans did.

  6. Re Anonymous @ 3:31 and 3:47... Stewart got beat by almost 20 points. In his home county of Prince William who know him best - the county in which none of his fellow board members chose to endorse him - he lost by OVER 30 points. It wasn't just NOVA that rejected Stewart either... Eastern VA, Central VA, all of the cities throughout VA, including in southwest VA - all voted for Kaine.

    Still not convinced VA is rejecting Trump? Okay, let's go to the house races... Virginia has 11 representatives in the house. Before this election, the majority (7/11) were GOP. As of this election, 3 are turning blue and forcing out their GOP incumbents, two of which aren't in NoVA.