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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Zoës Kitchen is not coming to Barcroft Plaza

This space will remain vacant for the time being.
Zoës Kitchen, a fast-casual Mediterranean restaurant, is not coming to Barcroft Plaza, as had been announced in July.

The restaurant was supposed to open in the stand-alone building with Domino’s and the Bank of America, but the signs announcing Zoës were taken down earlier this month.

Sarah North, marketing director for Federal Realty Investment Trust, the owner of Barcroft Plaza, declined to say why the deal fell apart. “Out of courtesy to our tenants and due to corporate policy, I’m not able to provide any further details regarding Zoës Kitchen,” she said. “Federal Realty continues to invest in this asset, and we look forward to making exciting new tenant announcements in the future.”

Cava Group Inc. purchased Zoës Kitchen, which has 340 locations, in November for $300 million.

The second phase of renovations at Barcroft Plaza is expected to start next week and should be completed this summer, North said. This project will focus on the portion of the center between Super Dollar and 7-Eleven and will include façade and roof renovations, new signage, improved landscaping, and new art graphics on the building. 


  1. Well that sucks, I was looking forward to a more upscale healthy choice eatery at Barcroft. The best we can hope for is a mattress store or some other dumpy fast food chain to add to the many in Mason. Glad we finally got Glory Days, that was like an act of God to save the dump from our idiot political leaders that were pushing more social service facilites on us.

    1. --Complains that our elected leaders aren't micromanaging the economy

      --Decries socialism

  2. Sigh. That is too bad. Wish the landlord should reach out to Cava and see if that's an option. Glory Days is a great start, but not enough. A nice eating option would be nice there.

  3. I bet it has to due with the acquisition of it by Cava? Cava is DC based, it might be worth it to reach out to them to see why.

  4. --Always replies as "anonymous"

  5. What a bummer! Zoe's kitchen is great and a healthy (or at least healthier) alternative to fast food. We were really looking forward to having it there. I think it would have been beneficial to both Zoes and the property management!

  6. I would welcome more choices up at the Plaza, but from personal experience, I know that Fed Realty asks for extraordinarily high rent and it drives away prospective tenants. I suspect they get some benefit from the empty space.

  7. How about another Korean restaurant

  8. It could have been so fabulous. Why cant they bring in a more upscale eatery like italian, or farm fresh? Please no more korean and junk food. We have enough of those in the dump.