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Monday, May 20, 2019

McKay accuses Chapman of 'smear tactics'

McKay's house. [Antonio Olivo/The Washington Post]
Lee Supervisor and candidate for chair of the Board of Supervisors Jeff McKay is blaming his opponent, Tim Chapman, in the Democratic Primary for spreading accusations that McKay used his position as supervisor to get a favorable deal when he bought his house.

At the Mason District Democratic Committee’s World’s Fair Fundraiser Saturday in Mason District Park, McKay told us Chapman is “stooping to smear tactics.” 

Rep. Gerry Connolly, one of many lawmakers endorsing McKay, at the same event called the accusations “a totally fabricated issue,” and said there’s no reason to doubt that Chapman is the source. He calls it an example of “pure, dirty wretched politics.”

Neither Chapman, a developer of affordable housing, nor his campaign team responded to requests for comment.

Both McKay and Connolly accused Chapman of actually being a Republican who is trying to pass himself off as a Democrat.

Chapman has in the past contributed to Republicans. According to the Virginia Public Access Project, Chapman donated $15,000 to far-right gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli in 2013.

McKay also notes the Nelson Mullins law firm, which wrote the memo accusing McKay of wrongdoing, is associated with conservative attorney Ken Starr.

McKay acknowledges he has no hard evidence linking Chapman to the memo, but believes Chapman is so desperate to win in the June 11 primary, he will try anything to dislodge the frontrunner.

According to McKay. he paid slightly above market rate for the house and got no special deal. The McKays bought the five-bedroom house on Roxann Road in the Kingstowne area in 2017 for $850,000.

The two other candidates in the Democratic primary, RyanMcElveen and Alicia Plerhoples, and Republican candidate Joe Galdo, told the Washington Post their campaigns were not involved in the memo.

Both McElveen and Plerhoples said, if elected, they would take more of an arms-length approach to developers. Plerhoples’s campaign is not accepting money from developers.

UPDATE, 5/21/19: Chapman told WTOP he was behind the memo from the Nelson Mullins law firm. “That was part of our public records research. There’s no secret about it. I mean, these are very troubling allegations,” Chapman said. “Focus on what is important, which is, is it true?”


  1. Chapman sounds like a total scumbag! Anyone who donated $15k to Ken Cuccinielli isn't fit to be the Democratic nominee. Period.

    1. I hate to say it but I agree. It's not like we are just learning that Cuccinelli is a rabidly anti-gay, anti-choice, anti-immigrant conservative. We always knew this.