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Monday, July 8, 2019

Torrential rains bring flash flooding to Annandale/Mason area

The Sleepy Hollow Swim and Raquel Club on Sleepy Hollow Road. [Larry Golfer]
Torrential rains this morning resulted in flooded roads and yards.

The Fairfax County Police Departments reported Elmdale Road at Braddock Road is closed due to flooding.

Prosperity Road between Little River Turnpike and Arlington Boulevard. [FCPD]
Flooding is also reported flooding at these spots:
  • Holmes Run Road/Cedarwood Lane
  • Woodburn Road/Robey Avenue
  • Prosperity Road/Morningside Drive
Lake Barcroft at Finley Bridge by Potterton Drive. [Larry Golfer]
The National Weather Service says flood warnings are in effect throughout Northern Virginia until 6 p.m.

Larger streams are still rising, and lists Annandale, Springfield, and Mantua among the areas expected to experience continued flooding.

Holmes Run Trail near Providence RECenter. [Kris Unger]
If you enter a flooded road, turn around, Fairfax County warns in an emergency alert. Most flood deaths occur in vehicles. 

Fairview Park [Kris Unger]


  1. This is an ongoing report with pending more information. There is a report that "an action" caused the Lake Barcroft's dam gate to open which flooded an area in an apartment complex. This caused damage to washing machine areas, parking lot, cars, and swimming pool. -Ms. Carolyn

  2. Carolyn -
    I've inquired with the NoVa Water and Soil conversation agency about the Barcroft Dam - waiting on an reply. The photos in this article are all UPSTREAM from the dam.