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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Transportation funding approved for projects in the West End of Alexandria

The Commonwealth Transportation Board has awarded more than $150 million to the City of Alexandria, including:
  • $57.2 million for the design and construction of infrastructure for a bus rapid transit (BRT) line in the Alexandria’s West End, along with pedestrian and bicycle facilities and streetscape improvements, as well as buses, and  
  • $6.3 million to improve walkability and transit accessibility in the area around Landmark Mall, including safe crossings over Van Dorn and Duke Streets.
The balance of the funds will support zero-emission vehicles for the DASH bus system, improvements to the new Potomac Yard Metro station, traffic signal improvements, and other projects.

The projects were included in the Commonwealth Transportation Board’s Six-Year Improvement Plan for fiscal years 2020-25, which was approved on June 19.


  1. Where can we find information about how much Fairfax County received? Judging by the map on the CTB website it seems the county isn't receiving it's fair share.

    1. Its taxation without representation!

  2. Where is our supervisor on this, is anyone representing Mason on our behalf to get these dollars and RBT in our District? This is ridiculous, all of the adjacent localities are getting these transit upgrades, while Mason falls behind.