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Sunday, August 11, 2019

County launches Made in Fairfax network

Fairfax County is launching a “Made in Fairfax” network for small-scale production businesses, such as apparel, woodworking, metalworking, breweries, and food producers.

The network would help owners of these businesses build connections among one another, launch events to promote local businesses and products, create logos and branding campaigns, and provide input to the county on how to support small production businesses.

As a first step, the county is developing a directory of small-scale producers. If you’re interested in joining the network, sign up here.

Fairfax County revised its zoning laws in 2018 to encourage small-scale production as a way to use vacant office and commercial buildings and revitalize communities.


  1. Sounds good. I do hope the network makes itself really well-known!

  2. Don't forget we have the areas greatest number of boarding house opportunities.

  3. Sign up form has been deleted - please re-post.