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Friday, January 17, 2020

New Giant will have special features

The new Giant nears completion. 
A date has been set for the opening of the Giant grocery store under construction in the Seven Corners Shopping Center – March 6. The Giant replaces a Shoppers grocery store that closed in September. 

The new store will have lots of special features, including a fresh fruit-cutting station and will offer the chain’s new pickup service, says Giant spokesperson Veronica Wilken. 

Shoppers will be able to place orders online at and have store employees select and pack their groceries and deliver them to customers’ cars. 

The store’s pharmacy will offer free delivery and a service allowing customers to pick up all their medications at one time. 

The Giant will also have an expanded area for hot and prepared foods and fresh sushi, a large organic food section, a full-service floral area, an in-store Starbucks, a PNC Bank branch, and expanded cheese, deli, meat, and seafood departments.

The new store will create about 125 to 150 new jobs, Wilken says.

The company is holding job fairs for cashiers and clerks for the new store every Wednesday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m., at the Giant at 3480 S. Jefferson St. in Bailey’s Crossroads. Applicants should first apply online; visit and select “store hourly positions.”


  1. Can not wait.

    "....The Giant will also have an expanded area for hot and prepared foods and fresh sushi,..." gotta keep with the likes of Wegmans, Whole Good and HT who all do much better job of this.

  2. Wish this was happening in Annandale, we need a store like this one.

    1. Really don’t understand why Annandale doesn’t have one grocery store with upscale features. Customers are here waiting and ready and able to pay for these services.

  3. Yay! This will definitely be an improvement over the Shoppers. - KB

  4. I miss Shoppers!!
    But will be glad to have something there. I am closer to Graham Plaza,so will probably continue shopping there.

  5. Speaking of new stores like this, the Lidl in Springfield is nearing completion. Lights are on in the store and it looks like there are some coolers and shelves in place. I can't wait for that store to open... I seldom shop at Giant, but will go out of my way for a Lidl.

  6. Will miss my $10 coupons lol