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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Pier One is closing

Pier One Imports at 5857 Leesburg Pike, Bailey's Crossroads.
The Pier One Imports store in Bailey’s Crossroads is closing. A store manager said it hasn’t been determined when that will happen.

Meanwhile, a sign in the window says everything is marked down 20 to 40 percent.

A Jan. 6 earnings report from the home decor company says it will shutter 450 of its locations in response to decreased sales. There are 973 Pier One stores in the U.S. and Canada.

Pier One is just one of many retailers planning to close locations in 2020 as part of what Business Insider calls the “retail apocalypse.” Among other companies with locations in the Annandale/Mason district area: Bed Bath & Beyond plans to close 60 stores, Sears will close 51, and Walgreen’s will close 200.

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Bed Bath & Beyond and Walgreens haven’t announced which stores are closing. Neither the Sears in Seven Corners nor Landmark Mall is on the most recent list of store closings announced by the company.


  1. That is too bad, I use to love to shop in there when I would go to Trader Joes. Maybe it will become another laundromat. That is all that appears to be backfilling these retail vacancies. For a booming economy Mason seems to have more than its share of shuttering retail establishments.

    1. You seemed to have missed Ellie’s year in review where they had a ton of new businesses opening

  2. It isn't just Mason. Retail is having problems all over the country. The public enjoys having stuff delivered and frankly, since the commercial industry only answers to their shareholders (an outcome of the S&L crisis) communities are their last concern. While the risk wasn't spread out like it was prior to this there were many more vibrant commercial areas. Now they are beholding to their stockholders and the communities can go to hell. And that's where we are now, but I doubt it is as bad as it will be.

  3. The Pier One in Rosslyn is also closing. Somehow, I don't think that one is going to be replaced with a laundromat.