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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Mixed-use development proposed for underutilized office buildings in Annandale

These are the office buildings on Little River Turnpike that could be redeveloped, although the addresses on maps don't match the addresses in the plan amendment nomination. [File photo]
One of several “south county site-specific plan amendment” nominations submitted recently to the Fairfax County Planning and Development Department calls for redeveloping two office buildings and surrounding properties on Little River Turnpike near Hummer Road.

Nicholas LRT LLC, the company that owns a six-story office building at 4112 Woodland Road, a nine-story office building at 4114 Woodland Road, and several adjacent properties, wants to create a mixed-use development.

According to the developer’s attorney, David Gill, each office building is about half vacant. Nicholas LRT would like to consolidate all the office tenants into one of the buildings and convert the other to residential uses and possibly add ground-floor retail.

“This is a very preliminary discussion,” Gill says, and Nicholas “is open to any ideas based on conversations with the community.”

If the project goes forward, “it will be four or five years before anything happens,” he says.

The nomination suggests adding a parking garage with residential or retail uses on top in an adjacent section of the 10-acre property, and Gill says, townhouses and/or open space could be part of the mix.

In addition to the office towers, the site includes ground-level parking, three parcels owned by Nicholas, and two houses on Woodland Road owned by other people who have agreed to sell.

The nomination does not include the areas occupied by the 7-Eleven and adjoining stores, Yechon, and Breeze Bakery on Hummer Road or Chicken Loco, Liberty service center/car wash, and McDonald’s on Little River Turnpike.

The next step calls for Mason Supervisor Penny Gross to either direct the Mason District Land Use Committee or appoint another community group to weigh in on the proposal in March or April. The Planning Commission would then determine if the nomination should be pursued. If the Planning Commission agrees, there would be a study by the planning staff, which would take six to eight months.

The statement of justification submitted by Nicholas to the county says: “Since the adoption of the Annandale CBC [Community Business Center], this development would be the first meaningful redevelopment under the Annandale CBC and will anchor this key gateway location for decades to come.”

Part of the site is within the CBC, and the nomination requests that the parcels with the single-family houses, which are zoned residential, be added to the CBC.

“Many of the homes have been renovated in this area to become de facto ‘hotels’ through sites like Vrbo and Airbnb,” the statement of justification notes. “Our proposed nomination gives the tools to create an appropriate transition to the single-family neighborhoods while introducing a street grid to support non-auto-oriented movement.”


  1. This may be in Mason District but it will have a BIG impact on Braddock as well since it is kitty corner across the street. Both parties should be at the table. Agree, the area needs to be polished up and presented better as an entry to Annandale.

  2. Its ugly, blow it up.

  3. These old behemoths need to be totally reclad in modern glass and materials to transform them from area eyesores to attractive assets. I wholeheartedly support transforming them
    Into mixed use developments with ground floor retail. However, taking five long years to do this is ridiculous!

    1. The timing is a business decision. It is not that it will take 5 years to di the actual work. They are recognizing that the market for this type of development is relatively new in our immediate area and they are clearly trying to anticipate where it will be in five years.

  4. Take them both down and buy up more surrounding areas to build a complete mixed use town center. Annandale needs a total upgrade and revitalization! Save Annandale or like the band says people will never go back to Annandale!

  5. Yes, Annandale needs refurbishment on a grand scale. May I say, one of the shining star businesses in Annandale now is Breeze Bakery and Cafe (on Hummer Rd.). A thriving and excellent establishment!

  6. This is definitely a move in the right direction!! The core of downtown Annandale needs additional walkability improvements to really make mixed use take off. Anyone know if there is a comprehensive plan for the area in the spirit of Tyson's or 7 Corners?

    In regard to Braddock district, does anyone know why it has any land east of 495? It seems like a natural boundary and the eastern portion shares more infrastructure with Mason than Braddock. Maybe it's a school thing?

  7. Yea! More traffic!!!

  8. Our community would always be better served with more green space and less apartments. The roads here cannot handle any more traffic!

  9. less multi housing so we'll have less traffic

  10. This is good if they totally redo this building to look modern

  11. There will traffic but, the county always solve the solutions! But keep in mind, annandale is the only town in the area the looks like a small countryside town. We need to catch up with our neighboring cities and leap into the future. This is the chance for Annandale to be on the map in BOLD. This needs to happen sooner though. I can’t wait 4-5 years for a newer Annandale! Mosaic finished quick, so can you! As a tax payer I need to see my money serve a good purpose!!