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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Yard waste collection to start next week

This is how Fairfax County wants people to bundle yard waste.

Fairfax County will resume yard waste collection pickups the week of May 25, and started special pickups on May 18. The county had cut back on waste collection in March to protect sanitation workers during the pandemic. 

Yard waste – including grass trimmings, leaves, and shrub and tree trimmings – must be placed on the curb in paper bags or rigid containers. Plastic bags are being phased out. Small amounts can be tied in bundles. Larger materials should be scheduled for a special pickup

That information only applies to the 10 percent of Fairfax County where the county, rather than private companies collect trash and recyclables. However that 10 percent is mainly concentrated in the Bailey’s Crossroads and Annandale areas.  


  1. Our streets are looking like garbage dumps because the people in Baileys and Annandale who cant read or speak English just leave their crap at the curb....welcome to the DUMP!

    1. It isn't just the non-English speaking/reading people who leave their trash on the curbs. Even the English as a first language people who have college degrees (and so should be able to read), have been doing it. I told 2 different neighbors weeks ago about the county not picking up their yard waste. One just shrugged his shoulders and keeps putting more and more bags out each week, the other one told me that he was ok with it sitting on the curb. On another note, recycling is a joke. Apparently, many people think that anything that is made of any sort of manmade material goes in the recycling bin. No wonder China stopped accepting our recycling goods. It's basically trash. (oh and before it is assumed that I'm saying that non-English speakers aren't college educated, I'm not assuming that. I'm just pointing out that people who one would think could read and check out the county website to see why their trash keeps piling up would not keep piling it up on the street.)

    2. On one hand you have your gov elects encouraging more and more non-English speakers into the neighborhoods

      On the other hand - these same gov officials are ordering for no garbage collection
      they dont care that our streets looks like garbage
      they dont care that our businesses are dying
      they dont care that it is our properties that loses value

      As long as we keep paying our taxes and their big salaries.

  2. Personally I think it was ridiculous that the county stopped picking up yard waste. We knew they had to start it up again, and as a silent protest to tell the 'powers that be' to PICK UP YARDWASTE we piled ours on the curb. We can't GO anywhere, we can't DO anything but stay at home, OF COURSE everyone is going to do yard work!! And create waste. What do you expect!?

    1. You should count your lucky stars the worst you have to complain about here is yard waste pickup you entitled twit.

  3. "Entitled?" This person most likely paid for the service through taxes or other fees. Why does the County institutionalize laziness under the guise of COVID-19 protections when the regular garbage collectors are perfectly able to haul away recyclables and regular trash? Do not the yard debris collectors also wear gloves? No, Mr. Goldbarf, it's not an entitled "twit" we have here but a disgruntled customer and voter.