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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Virginia nursing home with the biggest COVID outbreak is in Annandale

The Annandale Healthcare Center was formerly known as Sleepy Hollow Health Care Center.
The Annandale Healthcare Center, a nursing home on Columbia Pike, had 156 COVID-19 cases and 51 deaths, the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) reports.  

That’s the biggest COVID outbreak in any nursing home or assisted living facility in Virginia. 

The VDH, which released the names of nursing homes, assisted living centers, and multi-care facilities with COVID-19 outbreaks on June 19, lists 17 facilities in Fairfax County with outbreaks in progress, 14 where outbreaks have closed, and 12 where outbreaks are pending closure. 

The following facilities on the VDH list are in the Annandale/Mason District area (the date is when the VDH was alerted. * means fewer than five and the number is suppressed to protect anonymity): 

Outbreaks in progress: 
  • Annandale Healthcare Center, April 9 – 156 cases, 51 deaths. 
  • Brightview Woodburn, Annandale, April 28 – 28 cases, 9 deaths.
  • Leewood Healthcare Center, April 9 – 115 cases, 35 deaths.
Outbreaks closed: 
  • Arden Courts of Annandale, April 9 – 13 cases, 5 deaths.
Outbreaks pending closure:  
  • Arondale Retirement and Assisted Living, Springfield, April 9 – * cases, 0 deaths.  
  • Goodwin House – Bailey’s Crossroads, April 24 – 25 cases; * deaths.
  • Renaissance of Annandale, May 12 – 27 cases, * deaths. 
  • The Lincolnian, Lincolnia, April 24 – 26 cases, * deaths.
Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam on June 19 announced new guidelines and testing requirements for reopening long-term care facilities, and outlined how the commonwealth will direct $246 million, primarily from federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act funding, to support long-term care facilities. 

The federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services recommends that all facilities conduct a baseline testing survey and that facilities with outbreaks test residents and staff weekly. 

The VDH guidelines for reopening nursing homes require them to conduct baseline and ongoing testing of all facility staff and residents while those facilities are in the first phase of the reopening process. 

Virginia will spend an additional $246 million in new funding to support nursing homes and assisted living facilities in addressing staffing shortages, increasing infection control measures, and purchasing personal protective equipment, as well as complying with the new testing requirements. 

The majority of funding will go to nursing facilities that receive Medicaid payments. More than $56 million will support periodic testing of nursing home residents and staff. 

Because a majority of outbreaks in Virginia have occurred in long-term care facilities, VDH, in partnership with the Virginia National Guard, has conducted “baseline” or point prevalence surveys, in which all residents and staff are tested in the same time period. The goal is complete these baseline surveys of all Virginia nursing homes by July 15. 


  1. This is really tragic. Heart goes out to these people’s families.

  2. I hope the staff in these facilities were kept safe. Wonder how many were infected?

  3. My mom has worked there for yrs. She's been telling me they fail to provide PPE. It got so bad cause the facility was trying to hide it actually it was hiding for a while until the first employee tested positive, and they couldn’t hide it anymore cause the health department was aware of the first case, a lots of staff were effected because of the lack of caring from The director of nursing especially towards the nursing assistant they worked closer to the residents than anybody, they wasn’t told about the residents that was positive until my mom tested positive and just about all the staffs on her unit got sick she worked for weeks with patients that was positive and was told the residents only had the flu, some of the staffs would go to the director of nursing for mask and crowns to protect themselves but the director of nursing would yell at them and send them back to their unit. My mom tells me all the time about the director of nursing's lack of compassion and respect for the residents and nurses.Each time they make a complaint the director would act in retaliation, reducing hours and giving them to friends or favorites so many nurses would not speak out in order to keep their jobs. The director of labor needs to get in on this and the nurses should file a law suit.

  4. My heart goes out to all the Residents and families. This is not surprising they changed the name from Sleepy Hollow to Annadale Healthcare and Rehab to hide their awful ratings. Management needs to be changed starting from the top down. They only hire friends and family of Management Not sure where they post their listing but it seems that they only hire Africans that they know.. Its sad it took this Pandemic to revel how awful this place is.

  5. Nursing home are death traps. I would rather be dead then have to go to one of these death sentenced waiting rooms.

  6. I’ve heard similar stories. This is SAD for both the patients and the staffs. They should really fine a lawsuit against them. They neglect their patients and employees; total incompetency and lack of compassion.

  7. This place should be shut down. My 75 year old sister could walk and talk when sh went there in March. By May 11 we did face time she was drugged out of her mind. We begged for her to be able to go to the hospital, by was told if she left she couldn’t come back. On May 28 at 12:15am she was dead. We were told we had 4 hours to get her out or Fairfax County police would be called deeming her unclaimed body.

  8. Horrible place they murdered my sister

  9. This is ridiculous what hospitals would even transfer their patients to this facility. This place has always had a bad reputation. If you look at their reviews when their name was sleepy hollow the ones that are good were made by staff. I knew someone who USE to work here and she would tell me how awful this place was, they pay the people they bring in what they wanted. The labor board needs to look at what the American people were being paid vs what their people were being paid. Im not sure what kind of Corporate office this place has but when they were on the news before about a patient getting raped there the Corporate office should have made some changes. Im sure if they investigate this place they would find out alot. Its gonna take all new leadership to get this place right. I pray for the residents in this facility because they pay their money to be there and life should never be like this. The residents should be comfortable where they live. Now maybe these people will listen to the complaints from residents and family. God Bless the residents.

  10. On the VDH link provided to The Virginia Long-Term Care Task Force it lists Annandale Healthcare as being in Emporia Health District. FYI.

  11. Anonymous 6/27/20 9:22 pm
    My condolences to those who lost loved ones at this facility. My mother was sent there to recover from knee replacement surgery a few years ago. There was hardly any staff to care for patients. if you happened to see a staff person, they would ignore you.I had to take soap everyday because it would disappear. Her roommate was often in pain, no one came to help her.She died a few days after being admitted. The place smelled like a cesspool, horrible, they had filthy carpets. One Sunday night as I was leaving I
    noticed feces on the floor near the entrance. An aid was coming to work and I pointed it out to him. He said it would be taken care of. I went to my car and waited and returned later, it had not been removed. I had complained about the condition to a Social worker or nursing supervisor, I could tell she did't give a hoot. I asked to have the manager contact me, but no one did. A few days after that visit, I was admitted to Alexandria hospital with a deadly Sepsis Infection. The doctor Thought I had gotten the infection from traveling out of the country. I told him I had not been out of the country. I am sure the filthy conditions at that facility caused my illness. Fortunately my mother got out of there alive and I survived this horrible illness.This nursing home is a disgrace. I hope the industry will have to answer for their neglect as a result of this Covid virus. Families have no where to go because there no oversight or sanctions,, I don't know what it will take to make these kinds of facilities accountable.

  12. This is outrageous the management of this facility should be removed immediately and possibly charge with neglect and elderly abuse for not properly securing and maintaining a healthy facility the entire management team need to be replaced and the company should be fine put on probation and their licenses of the professionals that's managing its facility need to be revoked immediately so they can't go to another facility and continue this outrageous behavior. The Virginia department of health health and human services as well as the community should be outraged and demand change first and foremost is the residence safety and staff safety which management refused to provide safe work environment and living environment. The management should be exposed they should be named they should be brought to answer the questions or why over 150 plus people has died under their care they must been hiding this outbreak for months to let this spread so rapidly the way it has spread it staff has been sick this is a outrage this is a community epidemic and an emergency response is must be made every news outlet need to be reporting this in the Washington DC area right now and these are people families that suffering because of a lack of professional care and its services does available that the government are offering why isn't this company reaching out for those resources to secure a safe facility for these patients and their staff