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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Farewell, Magill's Famous Pizza & Buffet

Mike Magill with Santa. The restaurant hosted a popular breakfast with Santa event every December.
Magill’s Famous Pizza & Buffet, an Annandale institution on Little River Turnpike for 22 years, has closed for good.

COVID got us,says owner Mike Magill. The restaurant offered takeout and delivery during the early months of the pandemic, but by the time we were able to open, it was nearly the end of summer.

Magill’s offered a family-friendly, casual dining experience with a pizza buffet, salad bar, ice cream bar, game room, and boxed lunches. The restaurant attracted school groups touring D.C. and was a mainstay for kids’ birthday parties and sports banquets.

We mostly did contract business for charter companies. All that businesses is canceled, and we don’t  know when it’s coming back, Magill says. He had hoped some of the school groups would be back in the fall, but that isn’t going to happen and school trips might not resume in the spring, either.

Magill used a federal Paycheck Protection Program grant to keep employees on the payroll for a while, but those funds ran out. 

He had employed adults with disabilities through the ServiceSource program and also provided jobs for high school students with disabilities. I’m going to miss all those kids and clients, he says. 

Meanwhile, Magill is selling everything – restaurant equipment, antique signs, games, Tiffany-style lighting, and much more – through Rasmus Auctions. The auction closes at 10 a.m. on July 22.

Magill is looking for another job. He would get back into the restaurant business “if the right opportunity came along.”

He opened the restaurant as Shakey’s in 1983 and changed the name to Magill’s Famous Pizza & Buffet in 1998. He says shutting down after so many years “is very difficult and sad.”


  1. Oh no Mike. this is so sad. You ran a very successful business for so many years. I am afraid we will see many more business shut down because of Covid. Thank you for all that you have done for the community. A most giving person. Stay well.

  2. completely unnecessary....they should have let businesses that wanted to stay open stay open....and let people who don't want to go outside, stay inside and watch tv all day like idiots and let us healthy brave woke people keep this country going....amazing how Americans just bent over because the diabolical medical scientists told you to....thankfully their attempt to financially ruin this country doesn't look like its going to be successful but as we can cee there was casualties....Peace to Mike Magill!

  3. was Magills pretty much the same as Shakeys?

  4. My sister used to work at the Shakeys in Burbank back in the late '70s. Someone was stealing money from the cash registers, so they gave all of the $3/hour employees polygraphs. Eventually, it turned out the boss was stealing the money.

  5. Wow that is sad that place was a big benefit for people, Magills was a great place for tour buses and big parties very clean and great run establishment.
    I would have liked to seen that Trashy Diamond lounge next door to him close up,every time we go into that parking lot it reminds me of a ghetto scene on the side where the Diamond lounge is, with all the beer bottles and fast food containers all over the lot the us flag all tore up still flying out front at that the lounge. That place is a disgrace for Annandale I think if it wasn't for Magills no one would go near that area, we will definitely miss you Magills