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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Anti-Semitic sign posted on JCC property

The Pozez Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia on Little River Turnpike just west of Annandale has again been targeted by anti-Semitic hate speech. 

A sign posted on the JCC property states “the Democrat platform is socialist.” The sign uses SS bolts, a Nazi symbol, instead of the letter “s,” and the letter “i”s appear to be swastikas.

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A resident of Mantua posted a photo of the sign on the neighborhood’s Facebook page Nov. 2 “to raise awareness among the broader Mantua community that this type of hate still exists right here in our local community and is not something that should be tolerated.” 

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The JCC issued the following statement: “Although this incident reminds us there is a small group of people who are invigorated by today’s political climate, overwhelmingly, the shared support of the J’s mission to build community and enrich lives is shared by our neighbors and throughout the broader community.” 


  1. The irony of drawing a comparison between socialism and nazism. What a moron.

    1. While the sign is dumb as it seems to assume (although who knows really) that all members of the JCC are Dems. Ironic? Not really. Nazism *literally means* National Socialism.