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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Visit Fairfax invites the public to play Cicada Bingo

Get ready for a cicada lovefest. [Visit Fairfax]
If “Virginia is for Lovers,” the cicadas should feel right at home. 

When the billions of cicadas in Brood X will emerge next month after spending 17 years underground, they will have one thing on their minds – attracting a mate and producing the next generation.

Visit Fairfax, the organization that promotes tourism in Fairfax County, has come up with a unique way to enjoy the insect invasion – a Cicada Stroll Bingo adventure and giveaway. 

The game encourages people to look for cicadas in particular settings in the county, take photos of them, and upload at least two photos from their completed bingo card to Visit Fairfax’s image library

Bingo players will be randomly selected for a chance to win a Cicada Care Package filled with fun items, including a custom cicada facemask.

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The bingo card encourages people to explore various sites in Fairfax County by looking for cicadas near the water (Lake Accotink Park or Burke Lake, for example), cicadas on public art (the murals at Mosaic is one possibility), cicadas at a historic site, at a restaurant, at a brewery or winery, on a hiking trail, and at a shopping center. 

“While some may view the arrival of the Brood X cicadas as a nuisance, we here at Visit Fairfax choose to look at it as an exceptional opportunity for visitors and residents to witness one of Earth’s most remarkable natural occurrences – and have fun at the same time!” says Visit Fairfax President Barry Biggar.

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